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Zimmer Biomet Patient Education

The global leader for partial knee replacement parts, Zimmer Biomet produces the most advanced, durable joint replacement systems. Because of their superior, cutting-edge surgical products and techniques for joint replacement, Dr. Dulik uses Zimmer Biomet to improve patient outcomes. Benefits for patients include reduced recovery time, less pain, shorter or eliminated hospital stays, minimal scarring, and a reduced risk of bleeding or infection after surgery.

Dr. Dulik uses the following products and techniques:

  • Biomet MicroplastyTM Stem hip system, in use since 1982, producing unmatched clinical results for hip replacements. The stem system allows for better stability and less invasive surgery due to its smaller size. Designed to immediately bear weight, it also reduces the need for hip resurfacing, both of which allow for improved recovery times.
  • Vivacit-E® Vitamin E Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene replacement parts to reduce wear and tear on joint replacement components, including oxidative stress. This unique material allows artificial joints to last for decades, much longer than previous prostheses.
  • Oxford® unicompartmental arthroplasty, using the Oxford Partial Knee to preserve delicate structures of the knee including bone, cartilage, and ligaments. This technique removes 75 percent less bone and cartilage, improving recovery time and allowing for more natural motion after surgery.
  • SignatureTM MRI-based computer-assisted total knee replacement with ORTHOsoft®, improving accuracy through a surgical navigation system. Computer-guided surgery allows Dr. Dulik to customize replacement parts based on your specific anatomy and position it with pinpoint accuracy developed from an MRI or CT scan.

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Jeffrey S Dulik, DO