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Direct Anterior Hip Replacement / Outpatient Surgery

Minimally invasive direct anterior hip replacement surgery with Dr. Jeffrey Dulik allows for a smaller incision, reduced hospital stay, and faster healing.

Hip pain from arthritis, fracture, or any kind of injury can make climbing stairs or even just walking unbearable. Many patients avoid having the surgery they need because of the pain and extensive downtime associated with traditional hip replacement surgery. Dr. Dulik’s experience and goal with direct anterior hip replacement is to eliminate your hip pain using the least invasive technique available. You will regain mobility and experience a complete recovery in less time. After hip replacement or revision surgery, Dr. Dulik will work with your physical therapist to accelerate the healing process. Patients undergoing direct anterior hip replacements or revisions typically recover and complete physical therapy faster than others. Many patients are candidates to go home the same day. Enjoy recovery in the comfort of your own home.

Direct Anterior Hip Replacement in Canton, Ohio

Many patients are candidates for direct anterior approach for hip replacement. It allows for a much faster recovery time with a drastic reduction in pain compared to traditional surgery. Performed under  anesthesia, a small incision is made on the front of the body to expose and remove the arthritic portion of the joint. The new joint prosthesis is press fit in place and the incision is closed. This is all done without releasing any muscles or tendons. You will walk the day of surgery and are allowed to place full weight on your new joint.

If you need a total hip replacement, consider the direct anterior approach before you commit. Learn more about the direct anterior hip replacement approach and common orthopedic conditions in our interactive patient education library.

A leading expert in the direct anterior approach to hip replacement, Dr. Dulik was the first in the Canton area to adapt this technique. Experience counts! He teaches nationally helping orthopedic surgeons to be successful with this technique. Don’t let the pain of hip arthritis or other condition interfere with your life any longer. Request an appointment online or call Dr. Dulik at (844) 469-2663 today.

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